Orange PowerPoint Backgrounds

Download free orange backgrounds and yellow PowerPoint themes to be used in your creative presentations. You can download these free templates with the orange theme to make active and thought-provoking presentations and enhance your creative slides.

Orange color make people thinking and speaking. These orange PPT presentations imply friendliness and fun. Furthermore, orange has very high visibility, so use it to catch attention and highlight the most important elements of your design.

Just grab these free PPT templates to prepare impressive and unique presentations for PowerPoint..

Orange Sketch PowerPoint background was made for unique and creative demonstrations.

It uses orange background color, which is suitable when you talk about creativityinvigoration, energysociability.

Pink Linear PowerPoint background was created for soft pinky PPT presentations. This PowerPoint is intended to be used in relaxing and chilling presentations.

It uses pink background color, which is suitable for charming and feminine presentations.


In this free powerpoint background you can see sun rays coming from the corner.

Yellow, orange and red are dominant colors in this free shiny theme.

Simple orange color background with highlight effect.

It is simple abstract PowerPoint background, good for all kinds of presentations. Click download to get it now!

Free Stars Everywhere PowerPoint background can be used for fun and engaging presentations that require some Celebration theme or Christmas theme.

Template is a good choice for simple informal presentations. Just download this Stars and Snowflakes template and use it for your PPT presentation.

Fruit PPT Template is a PowerPoint template design that can be used for presentations of fruit, healthy food or juices, beverages and food.

Contains an image of an oranges in the background. Looks very healthy and refreshing! You will find 7 different slides inside!

Artistic PowerPoint template is a free template, with 10 different orange and brown slides.

It is useful for those who are looking for artistic background.

If you are an art lover then you can share your masterpieces with friends and family using this abstract PowerPoint template.

This is amazing desert Powerpoint background, which is great for various powerpoint presentations. Use this theme for presentations about lifeless area of water or extreme temperatures as these are natural events in the desert.

Picture has a big nice horizon of a desert full of sand. This PowerPoint template is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and 2010.

Simple abstract PowerPoint background of orange and red colors.

Click “download now” to get this free theme for PowerPoint.


Another set of 4 orange backgrounds for your needs.

If you need something simple and abstract in orange colorrange, take a look at these PowerPoint files.

Download these orange themes and use it for your own Microsoft PowerPoint projects.

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