Blue PowerPoint Backgrounds

These free powerpoint backgrounds of blue color can be used for a broad range of presentations. Blue color associations are sea, sky, coolness, peace, masculinity, harmony and corporate business.

This compilation of blue themes includes excellent blue PowerPoint slide layouts for fresh and peaceful presentations. Download free blue PowerPoint backgrounds when you need to present a simple plan of activities or you have a sales proposal.

All blue PowerPoint backgrounds under this category can be downloaded for free.

Blue Lines Powerpoint background is great for business ppt demonstrations.

You can also use this PowerPoint background to create cool and peaceful presentations as blue is main color of this free background.

Simply download free Blue Lines and use it for any Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

If you are searching for Grunge PowerPoint background, then this design is ideal for you!

I recommend this design for vintage PPT presentations.

This Blue Scrapebook PPT background features simple grungy background, which is perfect fit for any subject related to Antique and Art.

Another great Blue Pattern Powerpoint background, which is great for any PowerPoint theme. The clear design of this background can be used for important message presentations.

You can download Blue Focus presentation and use it for your own powerpoint project.

If you are in need of neutral swirly PowerPoint background, then this design is perfect for you!

This PPT background features abstract waves background, which is useful for any abstract presentation.

Just download this swirly blue theme and use it for any Microsoft PowerPoint project.

Simple and great dark blue background for PowerPoint.

The background consists fo water drops sliding down.

This is another amazing Teal Powerpoint background, which is great for all generic ppt demonstrations.

This PPT background features texture background, which is perfect if you want to give that extra touch to your presentation.

Size: HD (1920 x 1080) | Colors: Teal

Simple Blue PowerPoint Template is a free PowerPoint template with a blue background color, which is suitable for generic presentations, requiring a clean, simple but professional looking template for presentations.

This free blue PowerPoint presentation template can also be used for business presentations as blue color is often associated with corporate business. Just click download button below to download this free ppt template.

Cool Lines PowerPoint Template is here!

If you have some creative project up in your mind and want to present it in easy and fashionable way, then this free PPT template will be perfect for you. It has light blue background with lines which gives it a feeling of movement.

Just click download and you are ready to go.

This Blue Waves PowerPoint background was built for easy-going presentations. Natural color flow is light blue which is associated with peace and tranquility.

Simply download Light Blue Waves presentation (size: 1920 x 1080) and use it for any PPT project.

Speed Light PowerPoint Background. Blue and white colors collide making interesting effect.

Looks like light is moving in this abstract ppt background.

Simple blue water background for calm and relaxing PowerPoint presentations. Grab it right away with a mouse button click.

This Blue Light PowerPoint template can be used for a nice and creative presentation when you want to give a viewer clear idea about your subject in a stylish way.

Blue is the color most commonly associated with corporate business, so it will perfectly suit for your fresh, trend-setting business PowerPoint presentations.

Snowflakes PowerPoint background is perfect for Christmas and other special presentations.

Download it by pressing the button below.

If you are searching for Water PowerPoint template, then this Powerpoint is right for you! Did you know, that water (H2O) covers more than 2/3 of the Earth’s surface? Impressive, right?

This water ppt design may be useful for a wide range of presentations about fresh water problems, water cycle on Earth, etc.

Of course it uses blue background color, as this is the color we always relate water to. It has huge sea of blue color in its background.

Here are 7 free blue PowerPoint backgrounds in one zip file. There are many kinds of blues in these themes, a variation of light blue and dark blue colors.

Blue is nature’s color for water and sky, that is why it is often associated with depth and stability.

Did you know that blue is the favorite color of all people?

Want better and bigger blue presentations for PowerPoint? Check out these free files.

Blue PowerPoint templates

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